All door handles are delivered as a pair, for both sides of the door.
The door knobs and pulls, furniture handles as well as window handles are delivered per piece.

For furniture, the packaging units vary upon product size and shape (e.g. beds with head- and footboard are packed in 4 cardboard boxes, etc.)

One packaging unit (door/window handles) contains the window handle or door handle set with quadratic spindle for handle and bathroom lock (if the case), montage screws, and Imbus (Hexagonal key)

Packaging content for furniture, contains the ordered product, mounted, partially mounted or dissembled, with mounting specification, screws, holders, and some tooling if the case. If further tooling like hammer, screwdriver, etc is needed for the mounting, it will be mentioned in the specification.

The content of the packaging does not contain the decoration seen in the pictures on our site, like vases, carpets, bed sheets, mattresses, slatted frames, crossbars, etc, but most of the items ca be purchased separately as accessories to the ordered product.

We are able to customize the handles according to your door/window spindle from 6 to 8 mm, or even other sizes, upon request. Do not forget to mention your spindle size in your order message.

For door handles on plate, we can also customize the distance between mid handle and mid key hole to match your door mechanism. Do not forget to mention this size when placing the order.

The furniture is highly customizable in color and finish. Almost all our production partners offer the possibility to color your furniture according to the RAL palette, use your own leather or upholstery materials, etc.

Most of our door handles are made from brass and a small part is made of iron (wrought iron) and Zincral (zinc and aluminum alloy). You can find the material of the hardware in each product description. Also as inlays, we can offer the folowings:

-original Swarovski Crystals,





-silver & gold plating

The SmartBlock anti-intrusion system consists of a special rose that obstructs the rotation of the window or door handle thus preventing burglars from entering, for example, by drilling a hole in the frame and introducing a tool.

SmartBlock can be fitted on any type of frame and can be personalized with over 80 handles and is patented by Linea Cali. See more details: https://www.smartblock.it/en

A DK window is a tilt & turn window (Dreh & Kipp in German).


Type of locks:

-Sash lock – used for interior door

-Euro Lock – used for entrance door (with a cylinder lock/ Yale)

-Bathroom lock – used to be locked from interior side of the door

Type of handles:

-door handle on rose

-door handle on plate/backplate. All with or without lock hole/lock rose


A quadratic spindle is a quadratic section metal rod or bar, that unites the 2 handles of the door handle, and passes through the door and mechanism. The spindle has to exactly match your door mechanism in order for the opening/closing of the door to happen silently and without failure.

The measuring of the spindle is recommended to be made with a caliper, or measuring tape, but you can also consult the technical drawing of you locking mechanism in the door.

Note1: the EU bathroom door handle lock contains a second spindle for the door locking from inside

Note2: the spindle section size is relevant, whilst the spindle length is always delivered at a standard length that can be cut to length if your doors are thinner than average.


The measurement must take place with the most exact measuring equipment possible between the mid handle hole and the mid lock hole. This measurement is not relevant if you order handles on backplate without lock hole.


You can find the equivalent of the products drop-down list inside the product description. The single number without any other adding (e.g. 1, 2, dending on the product description etc), referring to door handle on rose or on plate it is considered to be only the handle on rose or on plate without any lock hole or rose.

The products that we sell are designed by renowned international designers, architects or manufacturers with wast experience. You find the designer of each product either in it’s title or in it’s description

All the products are manufactured in the EU. More details about the exact country can be found in the product description

We sell high quality products hand-made of luxurious and massive materials (hardwood, marble, brass, etc.) and with high -end finishes: hand painting, silver and gold leaf, 24k gold plating, galvanized finishes, all in non-toxic colors, as far as the RAL palette reaches and beyond. With upholstery in leather, nubuck, velvet, embroidery. Details of the composition an materials are found in each product description.

The delivery time depends on the number of pieces you order, if they have special finishes or not, as well as your location. General delivery times for handles, accessories, outdoor products is 4-6 weeks for Europe and for large furniture pieces 6-10 weeks for Europe. After receiving the order, we will communicate latest in one week when the products will approximatively be delivered and also after pick-up the tracking number.

We love the environment, as much as you, this is why we try to re-use as much cardboard as possible to avoid the impact of the waste on the environment as well as on the recycling quota. For more details please see our Environmental Policy

We love the environment, as much as you, this is why we try to save as much paper as possible to avoid the impact on the environment. After a purchase, we dispatch you an electronic invoice. If the paper form of the invoice is not needed for the authorities (Postal Office, Customs, etc.) it will not be sent in the package. Please let us expressly know if you would like a paper form copy of your invoice. For more details please see our Environmental Policy

The mounting specification is contained within the delivery package for furniture, and for handles, it can be accessed via our YouTube Channel under the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DktdZ-XW8sdc96Xo9aIxw/videos

The manufacturer´s guarantee extends to 2 years for fabrication failures. For this case, it is important that by receipt of the goods the customer documents and informs about possible defects upon receipt. The warranty does not extend to damage for which the buyer is responsible, such as damages caused by natural wear and tear, moisture, excessive warming of the rooms, intensive exposure to sunlight or artificial light, other temperature or weather influences or improper handling that have arisen against the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Return a product in 30 days since you received it, according to the EU law. Contact us to discuss. In order for the refund to be accepted, the product must be returned without assembly traces and in the original packaging. Any other visible traces, both of the product and of the packaging, entail penalties from the recovery of the total amount.

The return time is 30 days, according to EU law. See our Terms & Conditions

For all custom-made products, the returns are not accepted, see our Terms & Conditions.